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Rosa and the Black Tulip

Adapted Screenplay by Gena Ellis

from Alexandre Dumas' The Black Tulip

Falsely imprisoned while growing the impossible black tulip, an unlikely war hero falls for the humble prison-keeper’s daughter, who secretly desires to read and saves them all in this witty, romantic drama during a 17th century highly-charged political backdrop resonating today. 


ROMANTIC DRAMA  119 pages   

Script and Synopsis available   Contact Gena




Ariana Marquis




Female Eye Film Festival 

Rosa and the Black Tulip is featured in FILM magazine at the London International Filmmaker Fest, Feb. 10-17, 2018. Check out page 35. Thanks LIFF


London International Filmmakers Festival

Nominee 2018


TinselTown Productions Screenwriting Contest

Runner Up 2017


Rhode Island International Film Festival
Semi-finalist 2017
Richmond International Film Festival
Semi-finalist 2017
Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto
Runner Up 2016
WILLiFEST Williamsburg International
Finalist 2016

Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival 2016


TinselTown Productions
Semi-finalist 2016
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival
Second Place 2015
Honolulu Film Awards
Finalist (top 4) 2015
Scriptapalooza Quarterfinalist
Moondance Film Festival

Ariana Marquis' film reel and website

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