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Fallin' For You

FALLIN' FOR YOU (music video)

Band Young Jesus

John Rossiter

Cody Kellogg

Shawn Nystrand

Jordan Thomas


Starring John Rossiter and Emma Stern 

Directed by Ursula Ellis

Concept by Ursula Ellis

Produced by Emerson Nosek and Steph Noonan


Chicago International Movie and Music Festival 2013

Tupelo Film Festival 2013

Northwestern University Niteskool Grant 2012

George Lindsey UNA Film Festival 2013


In this ambitious and unconventionally romantic music video, different elements of graphic novels, Charlie Chaplin comedy, and indie hipster chic converge to tell the story of an artist searching for his muse in a waitress whose face he has never actually seen. As the artist makes his way through the city of Chicago, he has help along the way from his bohemian friends, until he makes his way through her door.  After confronting her overbearing father, he finally reaches his muse, only to find something he never expected.

NITESKOOL Music Video 2012

Northwestern University

Photo by Ellen Barry

The Daily Northwestern   Nov. 2, 2011

War is Kind: Ursula Ellis brings the story of war close to home





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